How Webroot Firewall Works Against Cyber Threat?

Webroot antivirus software is one of the best software which gives complete security against the cyber threat. Webroot antivirus is used for both personal and professional use. And the users can install this useful security product by going to the official website of Webroot via . It provides security from malicious and phishing websites and also gives you the alert warning of threat. Along with this, it also offers security from malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also from phishing attacks etc. In this blog, you will read how it provides protection from ransomware and phishing attacks and also how you can configure Webroot Desktop Firewall.

How Webroot gives protection against Cyber threat?

 Webroot gives protection Against Ransomware Attacks:

When ransomware attacks on your computer, then it steal all your valuable data like personal, professional and financial information and also blocks you from accessing your computer. Then, it will ask you to give money, if you want to access your device. After this, it attaches itself to your computer data which is saved into your device. Here, it creates a malicious email which contains malicious attachment and after that the hacker sends this email to all your contacts. When your contacts open this email, then they also get the same ransomware corruption.

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Method to Avoid Ransomware Attack:

You should install anti-ransomware security software in your computer system. And then just ensure that your computer system and the security software installed in it, should be up-to-date. You can install Webroot security software via in your device.You should timely scan your device and also create a backup of your valuable data.

 Webroot provide Protection From Phishing Attacks:

In this attack, hackers send the malicious email to the user with fake attachment in it. But when the user click on that malicious link then malware installs in your device and steals all your important information like username, password, credit card details, and bank details etc.

Method to Avoid Phishing Attacks:

First, you should install the  in your computer system to secure your system from cyber threat.  You should backup your data regularly on the external device. This will protect your data if there is any kind of cyber attack. Think twice before clicking on any link, if comes from the known person.

Configure Webroot Desktop Firewall:

For this, click on the Webroot icon on your desktop just to open the Webroot SecureAnywhere software. Now, in the right side of the app, if the real-time protection is enabled and the slider lit is green in color, this means that the security is enabled. Then, you will view Firewall as the third option, here just check it is enabled or disabled. After this, you should run the program called the CTI Navigator or the CTIUpdateManager. Then the Webroot firewall will prompt for the permission for the program to access the internet.

Now, click on the checkbox which reads always ask me about the program to disable. Then you should check for the Allow Access and just click the OK button. When the Webroot-desktop firewall appears, then the program change screen. If you can view the screen, then this means the CTI Navigator is running successfully. At last, click on the Keep Settings button.

The above method shows how Webroot Firewall provides protection from cyber threat. If the user, want more details then they can contact to the executive of Webroot support team via

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