How Gamarue Malware Works and How To Remove it?

Gamarue malware can change your PC’s security settings and can download malicious files from the internet and then install into your computer. This will also change your web browser’s settings and can add toolbars, adware, browser redirects, add-ons, and extensions. In this blog, you will read the method to remove Gamarue malware from your PC. For installing Webroot antivirus, just visit to as it will blocks all the malicious content in your device.

Method To Remove Gamarue Malware From PC:

1. Scan your computer:

First, you have to analyze the malware threat and just stop it from spreading into the rest of the files. For this, you should restart your computer in Safe Mode. Because, Safe Mode will start the PC with the basic services running, and stops the malicious software which is installed by the malware on Startup. You should run a full scan of your computer, which will remove the malicious elements from your computer. It is recommended you should use Webroot antivirus via to detect and block viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, and other kind of harmful software. It has user friendly interface and intuitive options. You should run a scan to check the vulnerabilities in your device system.

2. Manually Search Windows Registry for Malicious Software:

For this, first you have to open the Registry Editor just by typing regedit in the search bar. You should open with administrator rights. After this, you should look for the following path:


Now, you have to double click on the Current Version folder from a drop-down menu. You should browse the drop-down menu from top to bottom and then look for all folders with Run in the title. According to your computer, there are folders such as Run, Run Once, and others. Here, there are programs which are set to run automatically, when you start the PC. When you locate, just click on it once.

You will see the list of files in the column to the right.

You can Scan these files if it looks suspicious.

If you want to ensure that these files are malicious, Google and read each of them.

In case, the file is malicious, then right-click on it in order to get the delete option. You should Repeat the process till the registry is clean.

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3. Reset your Browser Settings:

First, go to your browser’s settings and then visit to the Reset folder. Now in Chrome, you will find the reset option in Advanced Settings. Here, your browser will remove all extensions and add-ons. For more details, go to

4. Disable Auto-run in Windows:

Normally, malware infection is the result of the Autorun or Autoplay feature which is set as default on Windows PCs. And when you connect an external drive to your computer system then your PC will use the same option which it uses last time to open the files on the drive. Without protection, the Autorun feature will run malicious software which will infect your computer system. The malware will make harmful changes to your PC’s registry and also install plugins which will steal your passwords and other valuable information. Hence, you should disable Auto-run feature in your computer.

The above method will help you to remove Gamarue Malware from your computer. If the user wants more details, then go to

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