How To Check the Statuses in Webroot SecureAnywhere?

Through this, the user can view the status of all endpoints in the Management Portal. When Webroot Antivirus runs the scans on your device or if polling interval has finished, then Endpoints gives their status. In order to check the statuses, the user must read the below blog. And for more details about sWebroot status, visit to the site via

How to View Endpoint’s Status?

For this, first you have to log in to the SecureAnywhere website. After this, you should tap on the Go to Endpoint Protection button. If you find any of the endpoints are infected, then you should hit on a link for those endpoints so that you go to a details panel. When the Management Portal appears, then you can view endpoint statuses in the left side for Status and Endpoint activity. The user can view the endpoints in the Status tab and also in the Group Management tab.

How to View Recent Threat Statuses?

If you want to view recent threat statuses, then you should hit on the Status tab. Here, you will view the bar chart on the top which gives the daily summary of threats that are found on endpoints. After this, you should locate the threat in the row and in the Blocked Columns column, then tap on the View link. Then, you will view the Blocked Programs. If the user wants to display or hide additional data about the infected endpoints, then tap on a column header in order to open the drop-down menu and then you should select the checkboxes to add columns or just deselect the checkboxes in order to remove columns. Now, you should tap on any file name for more information. The system will show you the File Intelligence view.

How To View Agent Version Overviews?

In this, the Agent Version Spread pie chart which is present on the Status tab will show you the overview of the Webroot SecureAnywhere versions which is installed on endpoints. An agent is basically the Webroot SecureAnywhere software which is running on the endpoint. If the user wants to view the Agent Version Spread pie chart, then you should tap on the Status tab. Here, the Status panel will show you the Agent Version Spread chart on the right side of the screen. In case, you want to see more details, then you should move your cursor to the sections of the pie chart.

With this above mentioned details, the user can easily check the statuses in Webroot SecureAnywhere. For more details about Webroot antivirus solution, then navigate to the official site of Webroot via

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