Get Rid of Win32/Dartsmound on Window 10 with Webroot

If the customer faces Win32/Dartsmound in Window 10, then it will install unwanted programs in your computer. To fix this issue, you should scan your device with Webroot software via Hence in this article, you will read the method to remove Win32/Dartsmound on Window 10.

Method To Remove Win32/Dartsmound on Window 10:

1. Uninstall Unwanted Programs:

For this, first the user has to press the Windows Key + I altogether to open the Settings app. Now, you should visit to the Apps section. Here, you have to find the suspicious application and then hit on Uninstall button just to remove it. When the application is removed, then check if the issue is solved or not.

2. Perform Full System Scan:

If the user is facing Win32/Dartsmound virus in their PC, then they should perform a full system scan. You install Webroot antivirus program in their device through as it will protect your device from online threat. This software tool will warns you every time if your system is in danger and helps to remove the threat.

3. Remove Suspicious Extensions:

The user should open Chrome and then open the Menu button. After this, choose More tools and click on Extensions. Now, you should find the suspicious extension and then tap on the little switch next to it just to disable it.

To fix this issue, you should open your browser and then remove the suspicious extensions. After you disable the suspicious extension, you should check if the issue is solved or not.

4. Manually Remove Registry Entries made by Win32/Dartsmound:

The customer should press Windows Key + R and then enter regedit. After this, you need to press Enter or OK option. Now, you should visit to File and then click on Export. Here, you should set the Export range to All. At this point, you should enter the file name and then tap on Save button to save it. Then, you should go to Edit and then click on Find option or you can press Ctrl + F key together. At last, you should Enter SoftwareBundler:Win32/Dartsmound and then tap on Find Next button.  If you find any entries linked with Win32/Dartsmound, just remove them.

5. Remove File from Safe Mode:

First of all, open the Settings app. Then, navigate to the Update & Security section. Now, you should tap on Recovery from the left side. Then in the right side, you should tap on the Restart now button. Here, you will view a list of options. Next, you should tap on Troubleshoot and then hit on Advanced options and then click on Startup Settings. At this point, you should tap on the Restart button. When your PC restarts, the user will view a list of options. Then, you have to choose the version of Safe Mode which you wish to use by hitting on keyboard key. When you enter Safe Mode, then you should find and just remove the problematic file.

Through this method, the user can remove Win32/Dartsmound in Window 10. If the customer need details related to Webroot, go to

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