How to Protect Senior Citizens from Online Job Scams?

Due to this Pandemic, lots of people has lost their jobs and the economy of the country goes down. So now, more and more people are searching for jobs to run their house. Scammers target the older people as they are less aware of the online job scams. Hence, Webroot team wants to aware their user about the online job scams and wants the user to install Webroot antivirus in their device via In this blog, you will read about Online Job Scams.

How Hackers target Senior Citizen?

  1. Bogus LinkedIn Job Offers: Hackers posted the bogus LinkedIn jobs, for the people who are searching for the jobs. Younger people are aware of the online job scams but older citizens sometimes become the victims of these scams and provide their personal and financial information.
  2. Fraudulent Employers: There are some scammers who post the job openings by using the names, logos and also the staff names of the legitimate companies in order to attract the job seekers and ask them to come for fake interviews. After this, they informs the applicant that they got the job and ask them to provide their personal information and then the applicant becomes the victim.
  3. Work-from-Home Scams: Today, many companies offer the job seekers a good income while working at home and attract them by these slogans “be your own boss “and “set your own schedule.” And for this Job seekers invest in a starter kit and after that, the company can disappears.
  4. Identity Theft: There are some scams which ask the job seekers to submit their personal information in order to steal their information and used for fraudulent schemes.

How to Spot Online Scams?

  1. Awkward Hiring Process: If in case, an employer hires the employee by text, email, or through photo then you should beware because legitimate employers hire through professional procedure. For safety, you should call the company and ask them the company is legitimate. Secondly, you should verify the name of the company and also the person with whom you are communicating. You should install Webroot security software via in order to secure your devices from malware and from phishing emails. 

  2. Request for Money: Keep in mind the legitimate employer never asks for money and also do not ask you to purchase “training”. 

  3. Request for Personal And Financial Information: If incase, employer asks you for your personal and financial data like your SSN, birthdate, driver’s license number, etc., then this is a clear sign it’s a scam. Do not share your personal information, if you are not confirmed that the company is legitimate. Secondly, the user must use a Virtual Private Network, if they want to share any kind of private information.

Through this way, senior citizens can protect themselves from online job scams. If the user need any kind of help or they want information for installing Webroot, then they should visit to the site via  

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