If Mouse and Keyboard Not Working in Window 11! How to Fix it with Webroot?

In Window 11, sometimes users have the problem of mouse and keyboards are not working. But you can easily fix this issue, by scanning your device with Webroot antivirus which you can install via webroot.com/secure. In this blog, you will read the effective solutions to fix Mouse and Keyboard not working in Window 11.

Method To Fix Mouse and Keyboard Not Working in Window 11:

1. Restart PC:

For this, first you should go to the desktop and then press Alt + F4 key together to launch the Shut Down Windows box. After this, you should hit on drop-down menu and then from the list of option, choose Restart button. At the end, press Ok button to restart to PC.

2. Check Mouse and Keyboard Connections:

First, you should check the wires are not damaged and the USB is plugged properly. In case, you are using Bluetooth devices, you should check the keyboard and mouse are properly connected in the Settings. You should also check the devices which have a switch and just turn it on.

3. Reinstall Mouse and Keyboard Drivers:

To reinstall, you should tap on Windows + X key at the same time or right-tap on the Start button which is in the Taskbar in order to launch the Quick Access/Power User menu. From the list of option, you should choose Device Manager. After this, you should double-tap on Mice and other pointing devices in order to view the devices which are under it. Then, you should right hit on the mouse which is not working and then from the context menu, hit on Uninstall device. Here, you should check the checkbox for Attempt to remove the driver for this device and then hit on Uninstall button which is located at the bottom. At this point, you should double-tap on Keyboards in order to see the devices which are under it and then uninstall the malfunctioning keyboard. When you uninstall the drivers for mouse and keyboard, just restart the computer system.

4.  Update Mouse and Keyboard Drivers:

The user should tap on Win + R keys together to open the Run command. Now in the text field, you need to input devmgmt.msc and then hit on OK button. After this, you should double-hit on the Keyboard option listed in order to view the devices just under it. Next, you need to right-tap on malfunctioning keyboard and then from the context menu, choose Update driver. Here, you need to tap on the Search automatically for drivers which is in the Update drivers window. Now, the Windows will scan the available driver which are on the system and just install it. At the end, double-tap on Mice and other pointing devices, find the malfunctioning mouse, and then update the driver.

5. Run Keyboard Troubleshooter:

To run the troubleshooter, you should tap on Win + I key together to launch the Settings app and then in the System tab which is on the right side, you should choose Troubleshoot option.  Here, you need to tap on Other troubleshooters. At the end, tap on the Run button which is located next to Keyboard.

7. Scan for Malware:

It is advised the user should use the effective Webroot antivirus software for their device, which they can install via www.webroot.com/safe. This antivirus will not interfere in the working of computer and deeply scan your device for viruses and malware.

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This method will help you to fix the Mouse and Keyboard not working in Window 11. For installing Webroot antivirus, the user can go to www.webroot.com/secure.