If These Files Can’t Be Opened Message on Window 10! how to Resolve?

Sometimes, Windows Security gives the message that some files can’t be opened in order to stop harmful attacks. So, to fix this issue the user can read the below method.

Method To Resolve If These Files Can’t Be Opened Message on Window 10:

1. Check File you’re Trying to Run isn’t Blocked:

First, you have to find the file which is showing you this error message, then right-click on it. After this, you should select Properties option from the menu. Now, you should visit to the General tab and then locate the Unblock button and hit on it. At last, you should hit on Apply and OK option to save the changes.

2. Check your Antivirus:

This error might be occurring due to your antivirus software. So to fix this issue, you should open your antivirus settings and just disable your antivirus features. Here, you can also disable antivirus completely or you can just remove or uninstall your antivirus. For solving this problem, you should switch to different antivirus software. It is suggested you should install Webroot antivirus which is a reliable antivirus which will not interfere with your system and can install via www.webroot.com/safe. This antivirus will secure your PC, your connection and also your web identity.

3. Change your Internet Options:

First of all, you should press Windows Key + S altogether, then enter internet options and after this, open this app. Now in the Security tab, you should choose Internet option. Then, you should tap on the Custom level button. After this, you should find Launching applications and unsafe files and then set it to Prompt. Next, you should tap on OK button to save changes. The user should repeat steps for Local intranet, Trusted sites and also for Restricted sites. At this point, you should choose Local intranet and then hit on Sites button. At last, disable all options and then tap on OK button.

4. Reset Internet Explorer Settings to Default:

The customer should open Internet Options window. Then in the Advanced tab, you should hit on Reset button. After this, you should check Delete personal settings and then tap on Reset button.

5. Move File To Different Location:

The user can fix the issue by moving the file to another location. For this, you should copy the file which you are trying to run to a root directory like C: or D: and just run it from there and then check the issue is solved or not.

6. Create New User Account:

You should open the Settings app just by pressing Windows Key + I altogether. Then, go to the Accounts section. After this, you should select Family & other users from the menu which is on the left side of the screen. Then in the right pane, you should tap on Add someone else to this PC. Here, you should select I don’t have this person’s sign-in information. At this point, you should choose Add a user without a Microsoft account. At last, you should enter the name for the new account and then tap on Next option.

Through this way, the user can solve If these files can’t be opened message on Window 10. For installing Webroot, visit to the site via www.webroot.com/safe.

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