How to Resolve If Window 10 Update Assistant Stuck at 99% with Webroot?

If the user is facing Window 10 Update Assistant Stuck at 99% issue, then they should disable the widow security and install Webroot antivirus through as it does not interfere in the working of computer. In this blog, you will read the method to fix Window 10 Update Assistant Stuck at 99% issue.

Method to Fix If Window 10 Update Assistant Stuck at 99%:

1. Switch to Webroot Antivirus: Sometimes, third-party anti-malware creates issues in the system. There is some antivirus which blocks the upgrade procedure. In order, to fix this issue you should disable the real-time protection for some period of time, so that the update process gets complete. It is adv9ised you should install a more stable antivirus which does not interfere with other apps on your computer like Webroot software via . This antivirus scans your gadget, gives complete protection from online threat and do not interfere in device working.

2. Unplug Peripheral Devices:

If there are too many outdated peripheral devices, then it will cause issues in the upgrade process. So, you should unplug all peripheral devices from USB ports. And also if you have USB-C SD card reader or other device, then you should unplug it. When the process is completed, then you should plug in all the devices. You should update your drivers in order to make sure the proper PC’s functionality. If the issue still persistent, then again try to fix it without peripheral devices.

3. Temporarily Turn off Internet connection:

Some users fix this issue just by turn off their Internet connection. Sometimes, network connection affects the update process. Hence, you should unplug the Ethernet cable, or just disable the Wi-Fi. After this, you should look for changes in the updating process. At this point, you should restart the upgrade procedure and when the download is completed, check the issue is solved.

4. Restart Windows Update service:

To restart Window Update Service, first in the Windows Search bar, you need to type services and then open the Services app. After this, you should scroll down till you find the Windows Update service and then right-tap on it and then press Stop. At last, you should repeat the action.

5.  Perform Clean System Reinstallation:

First, you should download the Media Creation Tool for Windows 10 and then plug in the compatible USB flash drive. It is advised you should back up your data. After this, you need to Run the Media Creation Tool and then accept the License Terms. Here, you should choose Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC option. At this point, you should select your Language, Architecture, and Edition and then hit on Next. Then, you should select the USB flash drive option and then tap on Next button. The tool will download the setup and also copy the installation files on USB flash drive. Next, Restart your PC. Now in the boot screen, you need to press F10, F11, or F12 according to your motherboard to access the Boot menu. In the end, you need to select the USB flash drive as a primary bootable device and follow the instructions.

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With this above procedure, the customer can fix Window 10 Update Assistant Stuck at 99% issue. To install Webroot, visit to