How To Resolve Access Control Entry Error With Webroot?

If the user find Access Control issues in their device, then it will stop you from accessing certain system features. To fix this issue, you should read the method to fix Access Control Entry Error. It is suggested you should scan your device with Webroot antivirus through in order to remove the malware from your device.

Method To Fix Access Control Entry Error:

  • Run System File Scan:

First of all, you should run a System File Checker scan in order to fix the issue. For this, you should open the Run accessory just by tapping on the Windows key + R key from your keyboard at the same time. Now, you need to type cmd in the Open text box and then just press Ctrl + Shift + Enter key altogether. After this, you should tap on Yes option on the UAC prompt which opens on your screen. Before you perform the SFC scan, enter DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth; and then tap on the Return key. At this point, you should enter the sfc /scannow command and then tap on Return key to run an SFC scan. After the SFC scan complete, you should restart Windows when the scan repair the files.

The user should also install the reliable third party antivirus i.e. Webroot antivirus solution through as it will scan the files for malware and viruses.

  • Close Universal Windows Platform apps:

If SFC scan doesn’t fix the error, then you should try to close all UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps with Task Manager. After this, you need to right-tap on your taskbar and then choose Task Manager on the menu. Then in the Processes tab, you need to close everything which are listed just under the Apps. For this, you should right-tap on the apps and then tap on the End task button. The user should look at the Background processes for any processes which are for UWP apps. You should close all background processes for UWP apps which are listed like Calculator, Mail, Edge, Photos etc. At last, you should close Task Manager and then adjust the permissions for the folder.

  • Take Full Ownership of the Folder:

The customer should first right-tap on the folder for which you want to fix the error and then choose Properties option. After this, you should choose the Security tab. Now, you need to tap on the Advanced button which is there on the Security tab. Then, you need to tap on the Change option in order to open a Select User Group window. Here, you should enter Users in the object names text box. At this point, you should click on the Check Names button, as this will modify the syntax a bit. Next, you should tap on the OK button in order to close the Select User Group window. At last, you should hit on Apply option just to save the changes.

The above method will help to resolve Access Control Entry Error. If the customer need any information related to Webroot antivirus, then visit to the site via