Resolve Unsuccessful Format on Window 10 with Webroot

If the user is formatting the USB flash drive or external drive, then they encounter this error. To fix this error, you should your drive with Webroot antivirus through Hence, in this blog you will read the method to resolve Unsuccessful Format on Window 10.

Method To Resolve Unsuccessful Format on Window 10:

1. Scan Drive with Webroot Antivirus:

Flash drives don’t have antivirus, so sometimes it has virus or malware in it which stops the drive formatting. So, you should use Webroot antivirus which installs through which will automatically scan the drives when you insert it. Webroot antivirus utilities have a USB/DVD Scan option which will scan the external drives also.

2. Format USB Flash Storage with Third-party software:

The user can also format the Flash drive with third-party utilities. With this software, you can also manage your partition and drives which has removable media like USB flash. This software also comes with data recovery options. Through this, the user can restore important data when they format their USB flash.

3. Remove USB stick’s Write Protection:

The customer can format a flash drive which has write-protected. There are USB sticks which has a write-protect switch with which you can lock or unlock them. You should ensure write-protect switch on your USB storage and just switched upwards in order to turn off write protection.

4. Format USB Drive with Disk Management:

You should open Disk Management just by hitting on the Win key + R hotkey altogether. After this, in the Run Text box you should enter diskmgmt.msc. Here, you should right-tap on the USB stick in the Disk Management window and then choose Format option and then tap on Yes button. Now, you need to choose a file system in order to format the flash storage and then tap on OK button in order to format the USB stick. In the Disk Management window, you should choose New Simple Volume from the flash drive’s context menu. At the end, you need to format the drive with New Simple Volume Wizard.

5. Format Drive with Diskpart:

First, you need to tap on Win key + X key together. After this, you need to choose Command Prompt just to open the Prompt’s window. Now, you need to enter diskpart in the Command Prompt and then tap on Return key. At this point, you should write list disk and then tap on Return in order to open a list of drive. Here in the Diskpart window, you should enter select disk n and then tap on Enter key. The user should replace n with the actual disk number of the USB stick. Then, you need to enter the clean command and then tap on Return key. At this point, you should input the create partition primary command in Diskpart. At the end, you should enter format fs=ntfs quick and then tap on Enter key to format the USB drive with NTFS.

The above method helps to fix the issue Unsuccessful Format in Window 10. For installing Webroot SecureAnywhere, visit to

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