Troubleshoot If Virus Keeps Opening Browser Tabs

If incase, the customer finds that the browser keeps opening tabs in Window 10 then it means that the virus gets install in your device. So, to get rid of this issue the user must scan their devices with Webroot antivirus through In this blog, you will read the method to troubleshoot if Virus keeps opening Browser Tabs in Window 10

Method to Troubleshoot If Virus Keep Opening Browser Tabs:

1. Scan for Viruses:

First of all, the user should hit on the shield icon from the notification area in order to open Windows Security. Now, you need to choose the option of Virus & threat protection. Then in the new window, you have to tap on the Scan options button. Lastly, you should verify the Full scan option and then just tap on the Scan now button in order to launch a full system malware scan.

In order to give more protection to your device, the user should install Webroot antivirus software through as this software scans your device timely and protect it from all kind of threat. This software identifies and blocks the unwanted malicious software so that virus does not get install in your device.

2. Check Add ons and Extension:

As you all know that extensions or add-ons are given by third-party sources and they also provide browser improvements. But these third-party sources with these extensions open up a loophole and install malicious software in your device which runs in the background. Hence, you must check the add ons and extension before installing. To get rid of these add ons, you should go to Extensions or Add-ons and then remove all the unknown or untrusted extension. At last, you should Restart your browser and then look for the changes in your device.

3. Delete Related Programs:

In the Windows Search bar, the user should type control and then open Control Panel. After this, you need to choose Programs and features option. At last, you have to find and uninstall all the untrusted programs and just restart your Computer system.

4. Reinstall Browser:

For this, first you need to open Control Panel. After this, you have to choose the option of Programs and Features. Now, you need to choose the affected browser and then just remove it. At this point, the user should run a third-party cleaning tool and then delete the remaining files. Here, the user can do it manually in the Program Files (Program Files x86) and also in the AppData folders. Next, you need to Restart your PC. Then, the user has to download the browser installation file and just install it. At last, you have to check for changes and also verify that the problem is solved.

With this above mentioned steps, the user can fix the issue if virus keeps opening Browser Tabs. If the user need information related to Webroot antivirus, then you can go to the site of Webroot via