How Customer Can Surf the Internet Safely?

In this Internet world, it is the responsibility of the user to protect them from cyber threat. Because, you should keep in mind that the threat doe not lies in malicious websites there are so many other places over the internet where hackers has spread its trap. Like, they have spread Spyware, which steals the sensitive data of the user without their consent. The main motive of the hacker is to make money through the user’s data and also to compromise the internet browsing safety of the user. Hence, Webroot team has given the complete information how the user can surf the internet safely. In order to protect the internet connected devices, the user should install Webroot antivirus through This antivirus software secures your device from malware and viruses. In this article, you will read how the customer can surf the internet safely.

How User Gets Trapped over the Internet?

  1. First, user opens their web browser and they start browsing.
  2. After this, they go to a site and unwanted they gets trapped. Like, if they click on a pop up just to close it, deceptive link which you follow, and also clickable graphic which takes you to a dangerous path.
  3. Sometimes, if you open a web page or an email this also starts the installation.
  4. Sometimes, Spyware gets into your PC without your consent.
  5. If your PC is infected with virus, then your valuable information is at high risk.

When Spyware gets into your PC, then it starts stealing your valuable information such as credit card numbers, usernames and passwords. This will also direct your browser to malicious sites and sometimes change or deleting your files. It also slows down your PC. There are some sites which are the source of spyware such as Adult sites, File sharing sites and also Social networking sites.

What Tips you Should Follow to Avoid Spyware?

  1. The user should avoid questionable websites.
  2. It is advised you should download the software from the sites which you trust. You should carefully check the free software and the file-sharing applications before you download them.
  3. It is suggested you should update your operating system regularly.
  4. You should improve your browser security settings.
  5. It is highly recommended that you type in a trusted URL for a company’s site in the address bar of your web browser in order to check the links is legitimate or fake.
  6. The user must install Webroot antivirus software in your home and business devices through

How To Stay Safe Online with Webroot?

As you all know that infected computer, opens the door for malicious websites and attachments. So, it is necessary that you install Webroot antivirus which secures your computer from viruses and malware. It has firewalls which monitors and controls the internet traffic and secure your Computer from scammers hackers.

  1. It stops spyware and viruses from infecting your device.
  2. It deletes the questionable content from the internet.
  3. It scans your computer system timely in order to secure it from malicious software.
  4. You can browse safely on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone and it protects your identity online.
  5. It safeguards your computer system from keystroke logging and webcam spying.
  6. It provides cloud storage services so that you can store your data online and it also helps to secure your systems.

For installing Webroot antivirus, just go to the site through