How You Can Speed Up Slow Internet on Phone?

Webroot antivirus is the best security product available for the users and can be easily install through It runs in the background but secures your device from all internet scams. In this blog, you will read the method to speed up slow internet on phone.

Reasons Your Phone Is Slow on Internet:

There are some reasons why your data is so slow on internet:

  1. If there are too many active apps or tabs in your phone then this will reduce the speed across the board. Even if you have the fastest mobile data plans then also you can’t keep up with dozens of tabs and the background apps. If you find your 4G is slow, then this is the reason, your phone is slow on internet.
  2. If you are using the poor internet connection like if you are using the unsecured public Wi-Fi network, then it is quite obvious that many people is using this connection and you are competing with other people for bandwidth. So, here you can use better option for faster internet.
  3. If your cache is full, then this might be the reason you are having slow internet on phone. As you all know that your browser stores data in a cache and it keeps the record of the websites which you frequently visit. But this will speed up your internet experience, but a full cache will slow down your phone.
  4. Your phone’s network settings, might be the reason for slow internet. As a result, these settings sometimes get mixed up, which will slow your mobile internet. In this situation, you should reset your network settings just to improve your phone’s connection.

Ways To Make Your Mobile Data Faster:

  1. Restart Your Phone: If you immediately want to increase the data speed, then you should restart your phone. As this will solve many issues which exist in your device.  This technique can also make the 4G faster on your Android and iOS.
  2. Activate and deactivate Airplane Mode If you toggle the Airplane Mode on or off, this can also reset your phone’s internet connection. As this will disables your phone’s wireless capabilities, like your mobile data and Wi-Fi connection. You should Turn it on, and then again turn it back off. After this, check your internet gets faster than before.
  3. Reset Your Network Setting: Sometimes it happens that your phone’s network settings get mixed up, and this affect your internet connection. So, you should reset your network-settings as this will speed up your Android phone. Like you are using 4G networks but your connection struggles to handle all the traffic. In this situation, you should switch to a less-busy 3G network which will speed up your internet speed.
  4. Find Mobile Data Draining Apps: You should find the app which you are not using it, as apps can also slow down your internet speed. Because there are many apps which remain active in the background and consumes your data along with system resources. These apps also take unnecessary space in your mobile and use your internet connection which slow down the internet speed for useful apps.
  5. Install Antivirus: You must install antivirus in your mobiles as this will scan your device on regular basis and protect it from malware and viruses. It improves the performance of your device more than you expect.

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