Top Internet Safety Rules to Follow –

As you know that cyber crimes are increasing day by day and moreover many companies have suffered a lot because of the careless internet habits. The risks are growing quickly when people are using internet on their Android Phones. Hackers only motive is to steal your valuable personal information like credit card details or financial details etc. To secure your device and data, Webroot teams gives you some internet safety rules. You can install this antivirus in your device through This antivirus secures your device from all kind of cyber threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and ransomware etc. It has an advanced feature of fast scanning through which it scans the entire data of your device.

What are the Internet Security Rules you should follow to secure yourself Online?

  1. Protect Your Personal Information: It is advised that you should keep your personal information private. Because your customers are not interested in your relationship status and home addresses. They are just interested in your professional background so you should always hide your personal information. You can do this by going to setting option and enable privacy setting. So that your friends and relatives can see your status, it is not visible to all the people online. By this way you can protect your private information from hackers.
  2. Practice Safe Browsing: You should practice safe browsing so that hackers cannot steal your data. You can do this by not just relying on your browser to protect you from malicious Websites, you should always keep your browser software up-to-date, run Webroot anti-virus software through and scan files before downloading, use HTTPS  websites for security reasons, you should not reuse passwords, and you should always read privacy policies.
  3. Internet connection is Secure: When you are in public place always make sure that your internet connection is secure. But if it is very important for you to open Internet on your devices than make sure you are using VPN network as this will encrypt your sending and receiving information.
  4. Choose Strong Password: You should always choose unique and complex password for your all social media account so that hackers cannot easily guess your password. You should create a password which consists of numbers, upper case and lower case letters, alphabets, symbols etc. You can take help of the Password Manager to create complex password, and you can store your password in this.
  5. Keep your Antivirus Software Up to Date: It is very essential that you should keep your Webroot antivirus which you installed through up to date. You should not ignore update notifications. Because updates fix many security holes in your device and gives more protection to your data and device.

For more details, you can visit to the official website of Webroot antivirus through This antivirus also provides you great technical help to the user and you can call on their toll free number any time.