What is Macro Virus and How to Remove it from your Device?

Macro Virus is basically a computer virus which infects your device through Microsoft Word or Excel. Generally, Macros is the group of programming command which automatically executes if you open the file. Normally, Macros are helpful as it makes the difficult work convenient. And people use Macro to auto fill spreadsheets and perform calculations. Hence, Macro virus pretends to be normal macro and it infects your file whenever you open it. Macro virus is the biggest threat to your organization. Hence, Webroot team wants to aware their user about Macro Virus and you must install this antivirus via www.webroot.com/safe to protect your device from it. This virus affects both PC and Macs. In this blog, you will read about Macro Virus and how to remove it.

How Macro Viruses Spread and Do in your Device?

Macro Viruses spread in your device, if you open the infected attachment like phishing email, if you download infected files from a network, if you download an infected file from a malicious pharming website or P2P file-sharing service, and also if you insert physical media such as flash drive or CD which has infected file.

Macro viruses can infect other files, it makes changes to your files like delete or change content, it can also create new files, it corrupt files, send files and emails to others, Reformat your drive, Infect your computer with malware etc. Through this way, it spreads from one victim to the other.

Signs Which Shows Your Device Has Macro Virus:

  1. If your computer system suddenly runs slowly than before.
  2. If your files are password-protected but you didn’t set up the password protection for that file.
  3. If there are unexplained changes in your files.
  4. And some of the files go missing.
  5. If your contacts receives strange emails from you.
  6. If the menu options in the programs have changed.
  7. If you view strange error messages when you open certain files.

How you can Remove Macro Virus?

1. Reboot your Computer in Safe Mode:

First, you should open the Start menu and then tap on power icon just by pressing and holding the Shift key. Now, you should select Restart from the options. After this, reboot into Troubleshooting mode. For this, you should hit on Troubleshoot and then click on Advanced Options and then hit on Startup Settings and at last, Restart your computer. At last, you need to press 4 to reboot your computer into safe mode.

2: Run Webroot Antivirus Scan:

You should open Webroot antivirus and then hit on Scan your PC and then removes the malware.

How you can Prevent Macro Virus?

  1. You should never open email attachments which are from unknown sender.
  2. Do not click the links in malicious emails.
  3. You should use email service with good spam filter.
  4. You should keep your macros disabled and do not enable it.
  5. You should always update your software and install Webroot antivirus in your device.

This is the complete information about Macro Virus and how Webroot helps to remove it from your device. For installing Webroot, go to www.webroot.com/safe.

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