How To Use Magic Briefcase and Copy Files to the Web Archive in Webroot?

Webroot antivirus is the strong security product which gives full security to the device of the user from external and internal threat and the user can activate this product through In this blog, you will read the use of Magic Briefcase and copy file to the web archive.

Method to Use Magic Briefcase and Copy Files to the Web Archive:

1. Use Magic Briefcase in Webroot: This basically, a synchronized folder which Webroot antivirus has configured for the convenience of the user. It is there in your personal Documents folder in Windows. The files, which user keeps in the Magic Briefcase are automatically synchronized with their Webroot online account and with the other linked devices like computers or mobile devices. The user should use the Magic Briefcase to load files which they wanted to access from other devices, if they are traveling or working remotely. If in case, the users have multiple devices which has a same Webroot account, then they should not load many files in the Magic Briefcase.

If the user to use the Magic Briefcase, then they should first open Windows Explorer and then just select a folder or file which you want to copy. After this, just right-click on it in order to open the pop-up menu and then select Copy. Now, you should open the Magic Briefcase folder which is located in your personal Documents folder in Windows Explorer. If in case, you unable to find it, then just navigate to the Backup & Sync panel and then tap on Open Magic Briefcase. At this point, you should paste the file into the Magic Briefcase folder.

When the user copy the file to the Magic Briefcase, then file is synchronized to your online Webroot account and also to the other devices which has Webroot installed. If incase, the user wants to confirm that the file or folder was loaded into your Webroot online account, then you should log in to and then tap on Go to Backups.

2. Copy Files to the Web Archive: When the user wants their documents or photos to be backed up, but not synchronized, then they should upload them to the Web Archive. If the user want to back up their tax returns, old photos and also a scanned copy of your passport then they should not kept these documents in synchronization with other devices. But you can see the contents of the Web Archive folder from the Webroot File Manager, and remember this folder is not in your home computer so you cannot see these documents from Windows Explorer. And the contents of the Web Archive are present in the Webroot servers, and the user can access it from their Webroot account.

If the user wants to copy files to the Web Archive, then they should open the main interface of Webroot. Now from the Backup & Sync panel, you should tap on the Open File Manager. Then in the Webroot File Manager, you should right-click on Web Archive in order to display the pop-up menu. After this, you should select the Import Files or Import Folder. When the dialog box opens up, then you should select the files or folders which you want archived. Then the files will immediately copy to the Web Archive in your Webroot online account. Here, the Webroot File Manager shows the folders or files just under the Web Archive folder.

If the user wants to verify that the files were copied into the Webroot online account, then you should log in to and then you should tap on Go to Backups.

The above method shows you the method to use Magic Briefcase and copy files to the Web Archive in Webroot. If the user of Webroot requires any sort of help, then just visit to the official site of Webroot Antivirus.

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