How To Resolve If Network Cable Is Not Properly Plugged in or Broken Error?

Some users complaints that Network Cable is not Properly Plugged in or Broken, so to fix this issue you must read the below article. And for fixing this issue, you must install Webroot antivirus via

Method To Fix If Network Cable is Not Properly Plugged in or Broken Error:

1. Unplug your PC:

The users can easily fix this issue on your computer by unplugging all cables. If you disconnect all cables and devices, then you should remove your laptop’s battery and after that, just leave your laptop for few minutes. When you turn your laptop back on, then you will find that the network issues will be fixed.

2. Check if Wireless is Enabled:

First, you should turn on the wireless adapter just by hitting on the wireless button or you can use the keyboard shortcut. If in case, this issue is there in your Computer, then check you enable Wi-Fi in your laptop. If you want to enable Wi-Fi, then just hit on Fn +F5 key altogether or you can also press Wi-Fi button in your computer system.

3. Install Latest Drivers:

This issue can be fixed by installing the drivers from the CD which you get with your network adapter. Keep in mind that the users can also download the drivers directly from the manufacturer because they have the latest drivers. You can also use dedicated third-party driver updater such as DriverFix. This software can scan your computer for all drivers and saves your time. It also helps to repair the drivers which are broken or missing.

4. Reinstall your Network Adapter Driver:

For this, you should hit on Windows Key + X at the same time and then choose Device Manager. After this, you should locate your network adapter and then right-tap on it and then select Uninstall device. If in case, it is there then you should check Delete driver software for this device and then tap on OK button.

5. Check Network Adapter is Disabled in BIOS:

If the users want to fix this problem, then you should enter BIOS and then verify if your network adapter is enabled and just check your motherboard manual.

6. Check your Antivirus:

Sometimes, the antivirus installed in your device interferes with your network connection and results in this error. And to fix this issue, you should check your antivirus configuration and then disable your firewall temporarily. If this method does not help, then uninstall your antivirus. After removing the installed antivirus, then you should switch to a dedicated Webroot antivirus through because it will not interfere with your network.

7. Replace your Ethernet Cable:

If you find this issue, then you should replace your Ethernet cable. Before you purchase a new cable, you should check this cable on a different Computer. If you find this problem on other devices, then you should replace your cable.

Through this method, the user can fix the problem if Network Cable is not Properly Plugged in or Broken Error. If you need help in installing Webroot software, then go to