Never Use Fingerprint as Lock on your Android Phone says Webroot

Webroot antivirus just wants their users to be protected in all the ways. So, it gives tips so that you get protected from hackers. As hackers use new techniques, it is not at all difficult for the hackers to hack your fingerprint. You can install Webroot antivirus in your device via In today’s life, people store their important information in their Android Phones. If anybody wants to know about you, they can easily steal your phone. But the smarter action which you can take is to install Webroot antivirus in your device. As it has a anti-theft feature, which protect your device from theft.

Why you should not use Fingerprint on your Android Phones?

  1. People can hack your fingerprint: People can easily hack your fingertips so please avoid keeping fingerprint as a lock on your Android Phones. As wherever you go you left your fingerprint behind like on glasses, on keypads, railings, on doorknobs etc. Hackers can scan your fingerprints from here and can use it to open your phone and use your confidential information.
  2. You can change your Password: If somebody can hack your fingerprint, they can also hack your password. But in keeping the password for your device can even save you because when you came to know about the hacker, you can change the password for your device. So, keeping password is safer than fingerprint.
  3. Easy to Bypass: If somebody is desperate to use your Smart Phone they can force you to put your fingerprint on phone, cut your finger for fingerprint and stick it on the scanner for unlocking your Smart Phone.
  4. Laws of Land: It depends upon the land where you live. Because in some countries police has the right, to keep your finger on your phone just to see the content of your phone. So, it will better if you keep the Pin or Password.
  5. Install a strong Antivirus: It will be better if you install a strong antivirus in your phone like Webroot via Because it stops the malicious emails and websites and if it found danger it gives you the alert warning. It gives you complete protection from threat like malware, viruses, rootkits, Trojans, phishing scams and also from ransomware attack.

But if you want more information, you can contact to the customer care executive for support via You can even call on their toll free number for assistance.

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