How to troubleshoot if Webroot Removal Tool not Working Error?

Webroot antivirus gives your device complete protection against all kind of online threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, phishing and ransomware attacks etc. You can install this antivirus via This blocks all the dangerous websites and spam emails. It improves the performance of your PC. Through its fast scanning feature it removes the entire virus from your device. It creates a wall between the hackers and the threat as it has a great feature of firewall setting.

When you are trying to uninstall the Webroot antivirus from your device and you get the error message that Webroot Removal Tool Not working. In this kind of situation, you can remove the Webroot antivirus from your device manually or you can try to fix this error i.e. Webroot removal tool not working.

Troubleshoot Webroot Removal Tool not working:

This error can be fixed when you create a system restore point and then you download and save the Webroot Clean WDF.exeremoval/cleanup tool to your device. Then by going to the official website i.e. you can download the Webroot Removal Tool.

Webroot Clean WDF.exe is very useful for those who are running Webroot Internet Security Essentials or can even those who are still running the legacy Webroot Desktop Firewall.

Run Webroot Removal Tool:

For this, first you have to double-click on the Webroot Clean WDF.exe utility. Then, click on the Clean button to start the cleanup process. This process quickly runs on the device. But, if in case the Webroot firewall drivers are detected, then they it will be removed from the device and then you will receive the dialog: “Webroot Desktop Firewall Removal Completed. After this, restart your computer system.  Now, press Yes button to restart, or if you do not want to restart then press No. It is an advised that you should restart your computer right now. If you get dialog that is “Webroot Desktop Firewall Removal Completed,” then you have to click on OK button. After this, click on Close button and move further. Or you can run the Webroot utility WRUpgradeTool.exe on your computer system. Now, check whether the removal tool is working or not. If it is not working then you can uninstall and reinstall it.

Run the Webroot Cleanup Utility:

For this, first download the cleanup utility, once the file is downloaded then you have to double-click on the WRUpgradeTool.exe utility. After this, follow all the instruction to start the uninstall process. When, the cleanup process is completed. Then, the window reads “Removal procedures have been completed.” After this you have to click on Close button. Now, restart your computer system now.

But if the problem still persists then you can contact to the customer care executive via

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