How you can Improve Your Home Router Security?

Webroot antivirus is the famous software which safeguards your device from cyber threat. It monitors the network traffic and gives protection to your device against emerging threat. It offers unique feature of fast scanning, reliability, compatibility, parental control feature, and firewall setting for your device. It is fully compatible with the devices like Window OS, Mac, Operating System, Laptops, Computers and Android Phones. You can install this Webroot antivirus software through As you know that nothing is hack proof, so Webroot team just wanted to give you some tips to improve your home router security.

Improve Your Home Router Security:

  1. Create a Unique Login: It is advised that you should create a unique login because routers set by default login username like “admin”and password is simple i.e. “password”. For better security, you just have to change the login information that is username and password which is difficult to crack by hackers.
  2. Create a Complex Username and Password for your Wi-Fi Connection: You should change the username and password of your Wi-Fi connection which is now presently set by default and change it something unique. Password must contain more than 20 characters long in length like a phrase.
  3. Keep Router Firmware Up to Date: As computer always gives you the notification of new updates but router does not give you any kind of notification. So you must regularly log into your router and check for new updates.
  4. Avoid Using WPS: It is easy to access your device through WPS that is Wi-Fi Protected Setup. But WPS makes your Wi-Fi connection vulnerable as hackers can easily access your device and steal valuable data from your device.
  5. Disable Remote Administrative Access: It is strictly advised that you should disable remote administrative access over Wi-Fi because it stops malware to install in your device. An Admin should connect through Wired Wi-Fi connection.
  6. Change the default IP ranges: As you know that every router has an IP resembling But if you change this default IP, this will prevent your data and device from Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks.
  7. Restrict access: For better security you can restrict the access means in every router you can specify what devices you want to connect so that other devices are not permitted.
  8. Log out: This is not for the routers, you should log out of the website which you are using when you are done using it.

If you want more information, then you can call the customer care executive of Webroot antivirus through anytime from anywhere.

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