How to Secure Yourself from Online Travel Booking Scams?

Today, internet has made our lives easier and convenient; everything has become easy such as booking airline tickets, online shopping etc. But, hackers has taken advantage of this situation and created fake online websites. Hence, it is advised you should be very much alert when you make reservations online. So, Webroot team has given some tips how you can secure yourself from Online Travel Booking Scams. And this software can be installed in all the gadgets through In this published article, you will read the tips to secure yourself from Online Travel Booking Scams.

Tips To Secure Yourself From Online Booking Scams:

  1. Look For Fake Travel Websites: Today, so many people have become the victim of fake sites who sell fake airline tickets, bogus holiday packages and also the fake car rentals. Hackers promote these sites by using pop-ups and online advertisements and these fake sites looks legitimate. Before booking for a ticket, you should always check if the site was genuine. It is advised you should always move further with caution when you book online tickets. If you want to check the website is real or fake then first checks its domain name. Domain name must contain this suffix such as .com, .org or .net and the site must be secure.
  2. Extra Care With Online Booking Payments: When you are doing online payments, always be aware. Keep in mind that secure website uses encryption in order to protect your transaction and the sites URL will start with “https” and must contain a padlock icon. Nowadays, web browsers indicate you if a site is not secure, hence you should always pay attention. It is advised you should pay through credit card because it gives great protection against fraud. If you pay through credit card, but the site comes out to be fake, then you will get your money refunded. Hacker will offer a better rate and lure you so that you use other platform also. For more info, go to
  3. Don’t Fall for Free Air Tickets: Today, fake travel deals and air ticket scams are all on the rise. Hackers take advantage of social media platform and gives you false offers and they gives you fake link but when you click on that link then you download an app which ask you to give your personal information so that they can steal your identity.
    Sometimes, hackers trick you by giving you a free air ticket just for sharing their post. This is a scam through which hackers steal your Facebook friends’ list or they get permission to post the spam to your Facebook timeline. With this scam, hacker steals your username and password via a fake login page.
    Remember, fake airline competition is on rise. In case, you receive a text which gives you the message that you win an airline competition, this is fake. Because, Airlines always send you SMS about flight information, or updates. So, it is advised do not click on any SMS link which says that you win an airline competition.

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