What are the Types of Social Engineering Attacks?

Social Engineering attack is the type of scam, through which hackers use different method so that the victim give their personal information and hackers use this information to commit different crimes. For security purpose, the user must install Webroot antivirus in their device via www.webroot.com/safe. In this article, you will learn the types of social engineering attacks.

Types of Social Engineering Attacks:

  1. Phishing: Phishing is the technique used by hackers to steal the information of the victim. In this, attackers send an email or text to the target and in the email, there is an attached malicious link. And when the user open that email or click on that link then malware automatically gets installed in their devices. And with this malware, hacker steals the information like login credentials and bank account details etc.
    In spear phishing, the hackers target a specific person. In this hacker, sends an email to the person an email which looks like it comes from a high-level company executive. Through this email, hackers require the names, mailing addresses and also the Social Security numbers of the person.
  2. Hacking: In this type of attack, if you get messages from the people you know then you will definitely open it without thinking. So, criminals hack the email accounts of the victim and use their account contact lists. After this, hackers send email to the victim contact list with the motive to spread malware and to trick people in order to steal their data.
  3. Pretexting: In Pretexting, hacker’s use of an interesting pretext in order to capture someone’s attention. If the story attracts the person, then hackers trick the victim so that they give its valuable information such as username, password and bank account information etc.
  4. Quid pro quo: In this type of scam, it’s an exchange. Like, hackers pretend they are from the IT support team. And if the user wants technical assistance, then they have to give their login credentials. With their login credential, hacker’s take control of the victim’s computer and load malware in their devices in order to steal the personal information from their computer so that they can commit identity theft.
  5. Vishing: In this Vishing attack, “V” is for voice. In this type of scam, hackers use the phone so that they trick a person so that they give their valuable information to the hacker.

How To Avoid Becoming the Victim of Social Engineering Attack?

It is advised when you receive any email or text, then first you should consider the source and do not click on the link. Before clicking, you should first type the URL into the browser in order to check it is from the legitimate source or not. Secondly, if someone asks for a money or personal information, then first check it is from the legitimate source or not. Thirdly, you must install Webroot security software in your devices through webroot.com/safe. And it is highly recommended you must update your OS and software regularly.

These are some of the social engineering attacks and the ways through which you can protect yourself. For more protection, the user must install Webroot antivirus software via www.webroot.com/safe.

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