How to Check If A URL And Website is Secure? Webroot

When the customer searches the internet, they visit many websites but it is very essential whatever site they visit must be secure just for the protection of their sensitive data. It is suggested, user must install Webroot antivirus through for the safety of their devices and data. In this article, you will read the method to identify the URL and website is secure. 

Method To Identify Unsafe Links And URLs:

To identify safe and malicious websites, the user can use the tools to check the safety of websites automatically. 

  1. Usually, all browsers have tools which warn you if a URL/link is malicious or suspicious. In this, you should look for an https:// in the address of the web page which site you visit. S stands for Secure and it also adds a layer of encryption. It gives protection against man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdropping.

It also tells you about the website’s security certificate is out of date. If you look these warnings, then it is advised you should not visit to the website.

  • You should use advanced Webroot security software which gives real-time anti-phishing and provide web threat protection just to keep you safe from infected websites.
  • The user should download tool just to monitor URLs in search results.

Use Online Service To Test URL in Real Time:

There are Search Engines like Google etc., through which the user can find online tools which helps to identify the URL contains malware or not. The drawback of these services is, the user has to manually run this process if they go to an unknown website but in this, the user don’t have to install any software in their device.

But with these tools, you should have Webroot security software installed in your device and you should keep it up to date. As this reduce the risk of infecting your devices and secure your identity from hackers.

Method To Identify Website is Secure:

Check Site Uses Secure Encryption:

If you purchase a website or you visit to any site which request your financial or sensitive information. If the URL begin with https:// and they have a green lock icon. S stands for Secure and this also means the communications between the browser and the website is encrypted and secure and also they are using a security certificate. HTTPS also protects you from cyber threats like man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdropping.

Hence, if you are shopping or purchasing from a website, then you should pay close attention to the URL and then you can easily identify that the security layer is added.

Check The Website Design Matches With the Brand’s Style:

Hackers create fake websites which has spelling errors in the brand or product names, and they also have poor image quality or video content.

If in case, the design of a website changes suddenly or if they have errors, colors or images which are not right. And also they close the page immediately before the users enter their sensitive information.

With the above method, the users can check the URL and website is secure. If the customer need assistance in installing Webroot, then they can go to the site via

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