How To Reinstall Webroot SecureAnywhere?

Webroot is the best antivirus available for the safety of the users device and data and this can install via But sometimes users need to reinstall it in their device. So, in this blog you will read the method to reinstall Webroot in your device.

Method to Reinstall Webroot on Mac:

Uninstall Webroot Secure Anywhere:

First, you should shut down the program from the menu. For this, you should open the Webroot application on your PC just by clicking on the icon. If the app is opened, then you should go to the dock and then tap on the finder’s icon. Now, you should go to the directory of the applications. At this point, you should find the Webroot program which you want to uninstall. Then, you should tap on it and then drag it to the trash bin. At last, you should confirm the action that you want to uninstall. Remember, you should clear out and delete all the files linked with Webroot.

Reinstall Webroot Secure Anywhere:

You should keep in mind that the programs are compatible with Mac OS 10.7, 10.8, and above. You should update your system with this. The user must have the Mac installer on their PC, from the website or from the product box which you get from the retail store. Now, you should double click on it and then extract the file in order to shift it to the applications folder. If you open the folder, then tap on the Webroot program to start the activation process. Then, you have to enter the 20 character key code. Here, you should enter the apple systems password and press enter key. At this point, you should tap on install safari. Then, it will open a program which says the activation successful. Next, you should click on scan now button to check for threats. This reinstallation process will take few minutes.

Reinstall Webroot through Keycode:

For this, you should visit to the folder where the users have saved the downloaded Webroot setup. After this, you should click on the Webroot icon and then open it. Now, installation window will pop up, and then you have to enter the keycode on the provided space. This keycode is similar to the keycode of Webroot which you have bought for the first time. When you enter the keycode, you should tap on Accept and Install option. Then, you should tap on Yes button. Here, you can change the setting such as the language, country, time and date, etc. After this, you should Save the changes. At this point, you should tap on Next button. At this point, you should read all the terms and conditions and also the privacy policy and then hit on I Agree button. Next, you should accept the license agreement and then hit on accept and install button. Now, the installation procedure will begin but it will take some time. When the installation process is completed, then it will display you a message that installation is completed. At last, you have to tap on the Finish button.

The above method will help you to reinstall Webroot SecureAnywhere. If the user need detail, then navigate to the site of Webroot via

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