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Webroot antivirus is the well-known antivirus in the world. It protects your internet connected device from all kinds of online threats like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits , viruses and ransomware attack etc. You can install this antivirus through It scans the entire data of your device time to time just to make your device virus and malware free. It launches updates on a regular basis, to protect your device from emerging threats. As hackers continuously introduced new threats for your device, in order to steal data from your device. This antivirus control and manages the network traffic and creates a wall between the online threat and your device.

It consumes less space in the memory of your device but improves its performance to a great level. It is reliable and compatible for all the devices. In this blog, Webroot team gives some security awareness tips for the users to protect them from online threat.

What are the Security Awareness Tips? gives some security tips.

Clean Desk Policy: Sensitive information which are on the notes, papers and printouts can be easily be taken by thieves. You should always clean your desk before you are going out. The useful papers on which you are working on should be left out. All confidential information should be removed from the desk at the end of working day and it should be placed in a locked drawer.

Bring Your Own Device(BYOD): The employees who are bringing their device to the offices must take preventive measures to protect their company’s data. They should always open their device through VPN network because this will encrypt their data which is received and send by you. Always create a strong password for your device so that hackers cannot be able to crack your password and steal your sensitive information. Most importantly, always update your security software like Webroot which you install through As updates improves the security of your device.

Data Management: There are various types of data stored in the offices and most of the employees do not aware of the significance of this data, so they handle it lightly. Hence the employees should be aware of the types of data so that they can understand the value of business data.

Safe Internet Habits: To protect your device from cyber threat, employees must have the knowledge of phishing attacks and they should not open any malicious attachments or click on suspicious links. You should disable pop-up windows, as this invite risks. Do not install software from unknown sources. But install security software like Webroot antivirus in their devices through As this antivirus protect their device from hackers and all kind of internet threats.

There are many more security awareness tips, for more information just visit to the official website of Webroot via For any kind of technical assistance, you can call the customer care of Webroot antivirus.

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