How to Protect Your Smart Cameras and Wi-Fi Baby Monitor?

In this digital world, it is very imperative that you secure your smart devices from cyber threat like malware and viruses because hackers always find new ways to attack on your devices. For the security of your IOT devices, the users must install Webroot antivirus via In this blog, you will read the method to protect your Smart Cameras and Wi-Fi Baby Monitors.

Method To Protect Your Smart Cameras and Wi-Fi Baby Monitors:

1. Use Two-Factor Authentication:

Generally, the bank accounts and the other online shopping sites uses two-factor authentication in order to verify your identity when you logged into the website. And the normal sites, uses your username and password which is a one-factor authentication if you want to logged in. But the two factor authentication, considered being secured because before logging into the website you have to verify yourself by entering the security code which comes on your mobile. So, it is advised if your IoT device supports two-factor authentication then you must add this feature as part of the login procedure, in order get the additional layer of security.

2. Secure Your Internet Router:

As you all know that your router is the internet’s gateway to your home and it connects all your devices like computers, tablets, phones, and also other IoT devices. So, it becomes imperative to keep your router secure and safe. Hence, it is advised you should change the default password of your router and keep a strong password for your router. You should also change the name of your router and keep something unique which does not go with your address or identity. And also check that your router is using an encryption method such as WPA2, which ensures secure communications. If it is not using the secure method then you should go to your internet provider.

3. Set up Guest Network for your IoT Devices:

It is advised you should setup Guest Network for IOT devices, as it will offer your human guests a secure access to internet which is separate from your own devices. It creates an additional network on your router and keeps your computers and mobile phones separate from your IoT devices. So, if incase your IoT devices is compromised then hackers cannot be able to access your other devices such as your computers and smartphones. So, the data which is stored in your computer and phone is secured.

4. Install Latest Update:

You should make sure that your devices have the latest software updates. Hence, this will ensure that your devices are getting the latest functionality and updates which will protect your devices from emerging threat. You can also enable automatic updates in your device settings so that you automatically get the latest updates.

5. Do not connect Your Smart Camera and Wi-Fi Baby Monitors with Public Wi-Fi:

It is suggested if the user is using their Smart Camera and Baby Monitor through unprotected network like Public Wi-Fi, then this will compromise the security of their devices. So, if it is necessary to use these devices in public area, then you should use VPN as this will encrypt your network and hide IP address.

6. Secure Your Phone:

As there are so many things which are connected with your Smartphone, so for the protection of your devices and valuable data you must install Webroot antivirus software in your gadget via This will secure your devices from internet threat like malware and viruses.

If the user needs help in installing Webroot antivirus software, then they can visit to the official site of Webroot via