How you can Protect Yourself Against Keyless Car Theft?

If the user think keyless car does not need any protection, then you are wrong. These cars need more protection because hackers exploit through wireless technology. In Keyless car theft, thieves do not use physical keys to steal a keyless vehicle; they use your keyfob’s digital signature. In order to commit crime, they use the vulnerability of the car security system like they use high tech radio signal and relay device to steal your car. Remember, the thieves can also steal your car by using your login details and mobile apps, hence it is advised you should generate strong and unique login details by using Webroot Password Manager via It helps to generate strong and unique password which hackers cannot easily track it. In this blog, you will read the method to protect yourself against Keyless Car Theft.

Method to Protect yourself against Keyless Car Theft:

  • Keep Keys Safe in Blocking Bag:

If you want to protect your car, then you should secure the fob. It is advised you should never keep the key fob in the car. If you are at home, then you should keep it in a safe place, just simply away from the doors and windows in order to prevent robbery. You should keep your car fob in a blocking bag, as it will stop the thieves from grabbing the signal and steal your car.

  • Turn Off Wireless Receiver:

You should check that your car come with keyless fob, in this case you should manually turn off the wireless signal. If in case, you cannot be able to find a way to switch off the key fob, then you must contact your car manufacturer.

  • Lock Your Steering Wheel:

If the thief is trying to steal your car, then opening the door isn’t enough, he has to start the car. The user can stop car theft just by locking the steering wheel. Today, car thieves steal vehicles through laptops but if they find the steering wheel is locked, then they had to return empty-handed because they cannot drive the car.

  • Use Strong Protection Against Hackers:

Keep in mind that the thieves may attempt to steal your car just by using your log-in details and mobile apps. If the user wants to stop this, then they should use a strong password for all the apps and online accounts which is linked to their car. And most importantly, it is advised you should never share your credentials with anyone. And to generate strong credentials, you can take help of the Webroot Password Manager which you can install via

  • Always Lock Your Car:

It is suggested that the user should lock their keyless car if they are leaving it and they must take the fob with them. If in case, after parking the car, you should never leave your car unlocked.  You should always double-check the locks and follow the safety features for the security of your car.

For protection, the user must install Webroot antivirus via