How You Can Spot Deep Fake Videos?

Generally, deep fake videos are created by hackers in order to spread misinformation among the people online. The purpose of making the deep fake videos is to influence the viewers or listeners to believe something which is not real and also for malicious purpose. With this fake videos, they do phishing scams, identity theft, celebrity pornography, identity theft, blackmail, financial fraud, and also social engineering attacks. In order to protect your device, customer must install Webroot antivirus via In this article, you will read the steps to spot fake videos.

Steps to Spot Video are Real or Fake:

  1. Unnatural Eye Movement: If the users find that their eyes do not look natural such as there is lack of eye movement, or absence of blinking. These are the common signs that the video is fake.
  2. Unnatural Facial Expressions: If in case, the user doesn’t find that a face looks real, then it might be a facial morphing. Hackers do this, by putting one image over another.
  3. Awkward Facial-Feature: If you find that face goes to one way and the nose is pointing on another side, then this gives you the clear doubt of video’s authenticity.
  4. No Emotions: Like, the user spot facial morphing or image stitches, similarly if someone’s face doesn’t show the emotions or they are not saying what they’re supposedly saying.
  5. Awkward Body Posture: Another clear sign is if the shape of the person’s body doesn’t look natural or if there is inconsistent positioning of head and body. This is a sign of deepfake video, because fake videos generally focus on facial features not the whole body.
  6. Unnatural Body Movement: When the user view the video, then they find the person in the video looks distorted or off or their head or their movements are jerky and disjointed through this way you can suspect the video is fake.
  7. Unnatural Coloring: If the person in the video looks different like abnormal skin tone, discoloration and weird lighting, then these are also the signs that video is fake.
  8. Hair doesn’t look real: If the viewer don’t looks the frizzy or flyaway hair of the person in the video then this might be fake because in fake images, hackers cannot be able to generate these type of original things.
  9. Teeth don’t look real: Normally, in fake video hackers cannot be able to generate individual teeth and the absence of individual teeth is the clear sign of fake video.
  10. Blurring or misalignment: If in case, the viewer find that the edges of images are blurry or there visuals are misaligned like if the person face and neck meet their body and you find something is missing. This is a alert sign of a fake video.

Through this way, the user can easily spot the fake video. And sometimes, these fake video installs virus in the devices. So, for the protection of your device, the user must install Webroot antivirus through as it will safeguard your device from malware and viruses. It also timely scans the device to identify the threat.