If Administrator Blocked This Application Error! How to Resolve it?

There are two types of users account, one is administrator and other is standard. But sometimes users faces the issue such as Administrator Blocked this Application Error. For fixing the issue, the user should install dedicated antivirus software that is Webroot antivirus via www.webroot.com/safe. In this article, you will read the method to fix if Administrator Blocked this Application error.

Method To Fix If Administrator Blocked This Application Error:

  1. Install Webroot Antivirus Software: Sometimes, your installed antivirus software stops you from installing or running some applications. In order to fix this issue, you should check your antivirus settings and also check if the antivirus is blocking the application. In this situation, you should disable your present antivirus software and switch to different antivirus software. It is recommended you should install reliable Webroot antivirus software through webroot.com/safe as it secures your gadget from all kind of internet threat.
  2. Use Command Prompt to Install Application: For this, in the Search Bar you need to type cmd and then in the list of results you will view Command Prompt. You should right click on it and then select Run as administrator. By using the Command Prompt, you should find the file which you want to run. For this, you should type cd which is followed by the location of the folder where you have stored the application. When you change the folder location, you need to type the name of the file which you wish to run along with the file extension. Lastly, you will view the file will run without any issues.
  3. Activate Hidden Administrator Account: First, you should Start Command Prompt as administrator. If Command Prompt starts, then you should type the command and hit Enter key to run it:

    net user administrator /active:yes

    Now, you should Sign out of your current account. Here, you will view the new Administrator account available and just log in to it. After this, you should locate the application which you wish to install and just run it. At this point, you can install it without any issues. When you have completed, then you should switch back to your regular account. In case, the users wish to disable administrator account, then they should run Command Prompt and then type the following command:
    net user administrator /active:no
  4. Disable Windows SmartScreen: You should Sign in to the administrator account. If incase, you don’t have the administrator account then you should enable it. After this, you should open the Settings app. Now, you should go to Update & security section. Then, you need to select Windows Defender from the menu located on the left side. Now in the right side, you need to tap on Open Windows Defender Security Center button. At this point, you should hit on App & browser control. At last, you should Set all options to Off. If you want to turn off SmartScreen feature, then you should set Check apps and files, SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge, and SmartScreen for Windows Store apps to Off.

Through this way, the user can fix if Administrator blocked this application error. If the user wants to install Webroot antivirus in their device, go to www.webroot.com/safe.