Smartwatches Are the Risk To Your Privacy –

With the increased of technology, Smartwatches have come into fashion. These watches solve lot of your purpose as it is connected to the Internet. These smartwatches act as an extension of your smartphone. Through this you can access apps, email, text messages, and the web. The problem with this watch is lack of two factor authentication. So Webroot team wants you to be aware all the time so that hackers cannot hold your privacy. You can install this antivirus software through This antivirus protects you from all kind of threat like malware and viruses. It also stops the unauthorized access to your devices by hackers.

Why Smartwatches are the Risk To Your Privacy?

  1. Smartwatches collects Personal Information: Smart watches are capable of collecting lot of personal information like where you are going, and also your financial information if you have made payments through this device. So before doing financial things with your device you must read the privacy policies for your smart watches and the apps which you download. But all the information is stored in the cloud so sometimes it is difficult to protect the data.
  2. Your data can be sent to third parties: It is recommended that you should not give a lot of permissions to your Smart Watches app like your account information and your geographical location. As with this information, cybercriminals can infect your smartwatch with spyware.
  3. Smart watches control smart-home tech: Smart watches are capable of controlling your smart-home technology. You can unlock your home front door with your smart watch. If your smart watch gets stolen then this will put you in trouble. Smartwatch has security settings which protect you in the case of theft. So always enable security settings in your device to protect your device.
  4. Smart watches create problem in business networks: Smart watches can easily operate your business, like taking calls to taking notes. It’s possible that your smart watches can be hacked by hackers which will create threats on private networks. If your smartwatch is connected to your mobile and your mobile is connected to the company network, this can lead to the exposure of your company’s valuable information.

Hence, it is advised that you must install Webroot antivirus in your devices to protect your devices from cyber threat. This antivirus gives great technical support to the user. And for more details, you can visit to the official website of Webroot through You can also call on their toll free number.