What Steps You Should Take To Make Your Device Faster and Safer?

In this digital period, it is the responsibility of the user that they keep their device safe from all kind of threats. Webroot team has given some tips to make your device faster and safer. This software can install via www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog, you will read the steps which makes your device faster and safer.

Steps to Make Your Device Faster:

  1. Review your Accounts: It is advised you should review your accounts and remove the accounts which you are not using. This will keep your email address, usernames, and passwords out from unnecessary circulation. Sometimes, some sites get hacked and if that site has your name, password, and other info then your information will get into the hands of hackers. So, you should limit your exposure and just close old accounts.
  2. Get organized with Webroot Password Manager: As you have to create different password for different accounts, so it is advised you should keep all your passwords in Webroot.com/safe password manager. This will help to create strong, unique passwords for you and also stores your passwords on secure servers and keep away your passwords from hackers. It is advised you should never store your passwords on your computer. Because if your device get compromised, lost, or stolen, then all your passwords which are stored in your device gets compromised.
  3. Improve the performance of your Device: As today, we are so busy with our day-to-day so we forgot to clean up our computers. But if you clean your computer once a month then it will keep our devices running stronger for longer. And you should also update your operating system and apps with the latest updates. Because, updates improves the speed and functionality of your device.
  4. Organize your Photos: People do not keep there photos in organized manner, they might be sitting anywhere in your device and takes too much space in your computer or phone. So, you must organize your photos, back them up, as this will also improve the speed of your device.
  5. Delete Old Apps and Data: If there are so many apps on your phone which track your walks, runs, and exercise. But you have stop using it, so it is advised you must delete the old apps and data which you are not using. But before you delete the app, you must delete your account which is linked with that app to make sure that data stored off your phone, with your password and user id also get deleted.
  6. Shred your Old Files and Encrypt the important files: It is advised you must use Webroot antivirus in your device which secures your data and system from viruses, malware, and other types of cyberattacks and protect your privacy and identity. This security software offers file encryption, delete old files and protect your identity from hackers.

These are some of the steps which make your device faster and safer. To know more, just visit to the official site of Webroot via Webroot.com/safe