Troubleshoot Webroot Error Code 1308

Webroot antivirus is the most popular antivirus around the globe. It effectively protects your device from all kind of threat like viruses, malware, spyware, and cyber crimes. It scans the valuable data stored in your computer and also protects your computer when you are offline. This antivirus is best known for its reliability and security. It protects your devices from malicious website and emails. It quickly detects the spyware which steal our personal information like password, username and also bank details etc. It is very easy to install Webroot via

But sometimes we face error while installing the webroot antivirus and also it is displayed on the screen that the “Source File Not Found”.

Causes for the Webroot Error 1308:

While installing the Webroot product, when the installer is not able to locate the file. This error comes on the computer screen or on the installation log file. The causes for the error code 1308 are when the download of Webroot antivirus is corrupted or infected, if the installation of Webroot antivirus does not complete, un -installation may corrupt the window registry, Viruses or malware may have corrupted the Window System Files, Virus infection may have corrupted the Webroot antivirus software related files, and also the malicious program removed the Webroot Software related files.

Fix Webroot Error Code 1308:

First Method:                                     

To fix this error code 1308, first you have to create the backup of the software, then delete the folder C:/ autodesk. Now with the help of browsing, download Webroot software again. After this, turn off the Webroot virus scan and extract the antivirus software again. Now exit from the installation, and right click on the C:/autodesk folder. After this click on the Properties option. Next in the permission for user option-click on Full Control. Now check whether the Webroot antivirus software is off. Then go to the extraction folder and right click on the setup.exe option, click on run as administrator, from the drop down menu.

Second Method:

First disable the virus protection and then download the software again. If you have installed the software from the CD then make a new folder on the local hard drive on your computer, then copy the contents of the Webroot CD. Move them to the local hard drive.

If you are still facing the problems, then contact to the customer care of webroot or just visit to the site of Webroot via You can call them at any time at any place.


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