What are the Warning Signs of Computer Virus?

When the user finds that their computer behaves strangely such as device becomes slow, certain pop ups, etc., this means your device has virus in it. To secure your device from virus, you should install Webroot antivirus via www.webroot.com/safe. In this post, you will read the warning signs of computer virus.

Clear Sign of Computer Virus:

1. Slow-down Computer Performance:

If your computer files and apps are taking too much time to load, then it is possible that your gadget contain virus. Keep in mind virus also slow down the performance of your device.

2. Odd pop-ups and Spam:

If you are getting frequent Pop-ups in your device, then it is a red flag because these pop ups directs you to visit other websites so that you download the fake antivirus software programs, which will install malware in your device. And these malicious pop-ups can hijack your browser or steal your valuable information without your consent. 

3. Unable to Access your Computer:

If the user cannot be able to access their computer such as they cannot be able to change the settings and files in their device then it is a clear sign. Or if the user cannot log in or off from their device then might be malware install in their device.

4. Homepage Of your Website gets Change:

When you open your website, but the homepage of your website switch you to another website. But, if you are able to reset it then might be your device has a virus because virus creates error messages, and also you will get browser errors.

5. Unwanted Programs Starts in your Device:

When you turn on your computer and you find some icons and toolbars on your computer screen then this is a red flag your device has a virus. If you find unknown programs load then it is advised you should turn it off.

6. Email Account Has been Hacked:

If you received suspicious email from a friend or if your emails outbox has messages which you do not send to anybody then this means your email account has been hacked. In case, you find your social media accounts contains posts which you do not post or in case, you cannot be able to log into your email or social media accounts, then might be your computer contains virus.

7. Disable Antivirus Software:

In case, when you open your computer and you find that your antivirus program has stopped working or it is disable then it is a red flag that device has virus in it.

8. Battery Drains Quickly:

If your device battery drained quickly, this means virus multiplies in your device. When virus multiply in your device, then it uses resources from your device and background activity starts on your system due to this your battery drains.

9. Frequent Crashes:

If the user finds that your computer randomly crash or the screen of your computer freeze and shows ‘blue screen of death’ then this is a sign that your device is infected with a virus.

These are some of the warning signs which show your computer has virus. To protect your computer from virus, you should install Webroot antivirus via www.webroot.com/safe.