How to Protect Against Unemployment Frauds?

Due to the coronavirus problem, many people lose their job. But this gives rise to the unemployment frauds. Hackers take advantage of this situation and cheat people through their tricks. They will trap you by telling that their company is offering a good job to you. They will send fake emails or fake calls to make you the victim. Hacker’s main motive is to steal your personal information for their own benefit. So, Webroot team wants their user to get aware of these types of unemployment fraud and don’t let hackers to take advantage of your situation. You can install this antivirus software through This software protects your device and data from cyber threat like malware and viruses. It also stops the unauthorized access to your device.

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Protection Tips Against Unemployment Fraud:

  1. Don’t Open Any Unsolicited Emails or Messages: To avoid unemployment fraud, you should never open any unsolicited or suspicious text message or an email. It is advised you should not download an attachment which is in the email even if it looks legitimate. And think twice while clicking on any link which is the email. As these suspicious link can install malware in your devices.
  2. Before Clicking, Verify the Link: If the email appears to you a legitimate email, then you should first verify the website address by pasting it in the URL. Their website must have Https in the beginning and padlock icon. Because this shows the site is legitimate.
  3. Protect Against Drive By Downloads: If you wanted to protect your device against drive-by downloads then you must keep your computer’s software and device updated. Updated software like Webroot which you can install through, always gives the alert notification if it found threat and detect and blocks the fake website which can install malware in your device.
  4. Don’t Share Sensitive Information: It is advised that you should not share sensitive information like your Social Security number, banking information, PINs, passwords, in any email or text message. As State Offices don’t ask for this information.
  5. Keep Security Software Updated: You should always update your security software regularly as it comes with latest security patches and fixes many loopholes in your devices. This secures and protects your device and data from malware and other cyber threats.

If you follow these tips, you will protect yourself from unemployment scams. For more information, just go to the official website of Webroot antivirus through And for assistance, call the customer care executive anytime from anywhere. They are available for their customer 24 hours and 7 days a week.

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