What are the Common Video Games Threat and How to Avoid it?

Today, games have become so common, so hackers started attacking on children and other people through games in order to steal their identity. Hence, Webroot team informs their user about common video games threat and ways to avoid it. It is advised, the gamer must install Webroot antivirus in their device through www.webroot.com/safe for better safety from malware and viruses.

Common Video Game Threats: Webroot.com/safe

  1. Device Infection: If the gamers, download a cheaper or free version of their favorite games then this pose a risk of installing malware and viruses in your device. These games have cheat codes and the items are bought from third-party sellers.
  2. Account Takeover: Some people use the same username and password for all of their games account. But this gives a chance to hackers to gain access to all of your accounts. As hackers notices that the user do not remember multiple log-ins, so this opens the door for attackers.
  3. Doxxing: If in case, hackers get your personal information, then they can easily publish your home address and phone number online. They can also send the law enforcement to your home just by reporting them about a fake emergency. This is dangerous as they know that where do you live and how they can find you.
  4. Active Listening: If in case, you mistakenly leave your mic or camera on and you are showing any personal information, then you are at risk of a swat attack or dox attack. Because of this,  your bank account can be hacked.
  5. Cyberbullying: In this cyberbullies purposely harass and provoke other players just to spoil their enjoyment so this creates a threat in an online environment. They usually hide themselves behind avatars which make it easy for them to torture other people.
  6. Privacy: As you all know that children’s are oversharers. If they share with their  friends then it is fine. But sometimes hackers use this tactics of making friend online —they ask other players where they live, how old they are, where they go to school, and other identifying information. Through this way, children put themselves at risk and also their families are in great danger.
  7. Predators: Predators make gaming accounts just to be friendly with other kids through online gameplay. They ask other children to meet up offline.
  8. In-game purchases: Many children use their mom or dad’s credit card just to purchase in-game purchases without the consent of their parent’s. And because of this friendly fraud, hackers can also make a purchase as they have all the information. And their parents will not get their money back.

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How To Avoid Video Games Threat?

The user can easily avoid video games threat by using a strong and unique password and regularly update their password. They can also use two factor authentications for more security. You should guide your children that they do not share their personal information with strangers online. You should download the games from reputable sources and avoid using third party apps. You must install Webroot antivirus for your account safety. At last, always keep your system and software up to date.

For more assistance, user can contact Webroot antivirus team through www.webroot.com/safe.

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