If Window Defender Doesn’t Remove Trojans! How to Fix it With Webroot?

If in case, the user is facing the issue that Window Defender won’t be able to remove Trojans then they should switch to Webroot antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe as it will remove threats from your device. In this blog, you will read the method to fix if Window Defender doesn’t remove Trojans.

Method To Fix If Window Defender Won’t Remove Trojans:

  • Install Webroot Antivirus:

If Windows Defender cannot be able to remove a threat, then you should install Webroot antivirus software through www.webroot.com/safe as it will easily get set-up and rapidly detect the threat. As this software is of the latest technologies, so it will not only detect the newest malware in the market but it will also detect the emerging and advanced threats which will compromise your computer system. It gives real-time protection and scans all the apps stored in your device when it launches, just to view that they are safe. It provides Ransomware Protection feature in order to blocks any type of exploit before it runs on your device. This software also gives full protection against advanced threats and identifies trojans in your computer system and removes them.

  • Run Virus Scan with Microsoft Safety Scanner:

Microsoft Safety Scanner is basically a security tool which is used for on-demand scanning and it helps remove malware from your devices. This software will work with your Webroot antivirus software and it will expire in 10 days. If you want to rerun a scan then you should again download and install it. Keep in mind if you run the virus scan in your system without reinstalling Microsoft Safety Scanner, then it will delete the program and also all the infected files and folders will get deleted.

  • Initiate Clean Boot:

For this, you should log on as an administrator and then write msconfig in the search box. After this, you should choose System Configuration. Now, you should find the Services tab. And then you have to choose Hide all Microsoft services box. At this point, you should hit on Disable all and then visit to Startup tab. Here, you need to tap on Open Task Manager.  The user should close Task manager and then tap on OK button. At last, Reboot your computer system.

  • Clear your Temp file/Cache:

You should visit to Internet Explorer and then tap on Tools. After this, you should hit on Internet Options and then select the General tab. Now, you should hit on Browsing history and then choose Delete option. The user should uncheck Preserve favorites website data. At the end, you should delete temporary files, delete cookies, history, passwords etc.

  • Run Full Scan in Safe Mode:

The customer should go to Start option and then select Settings. After this, hit on Update & Security option. Now, you should choose Recovery from the left side of the screen. Then, you need to visit to Advanced startup. At this point, you should tap on Restart now. The user have to choose Troubleshoot from the choose an option screen and then tap on Advanced options. Here, you need to visit to Startup Settings and then tap on Restart. When your computer restarts, you will a list of options. Next, you should select 4 or F4 to start your computer in Safe Mode. The user should run a full scan in their device by using Webroot antivirus software.

For installing Webroot antivirus software, visit to the official site through www.webroot.com/safe

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