Common Reasons of Computer Virus Infection

Common Reasons of Computer Virus Infection:

Today we have noticed that most of the people are becoming the victim of virus and cyber threat. These are common all around the world and create a problem for the users. Because of these many people have loses their fortune. As the hackers always have new techniques to attack the user through their device. In today’s world, all people stored important information in their computer. Hackers attack their computer to steal their bank details and other private information like data which is very important for promoting their business. Attackers put virus into the computer and create the problem for the user. So the people should be alert about the “common reasons of computer virus infection”. One easy measure you can take to protect your device and data is install world trusted antivirus i.e. Webroot antivirus via .

Top reasons of Virus Infection:

Download Program:

The programs which has the capacity to download files contains malware mostly because when you download something like music files, images or any software in your computer, you must see its reliability. Generally the sources from which it has been downloaded it should not be new or less popular, as it contains risk of virus.

Cracked software:

Cracked or pirated software contains lot of malicious files. Webroot antivirus always gives the alert signals when you will open any pirated or cracked software. It will give you alert because it will create infection into your computer.

Email Attachments:

The major risk is everyone can send you an email, but precaution you should here is not to open that email if you don’t know that person. Because unknown sender can send you the malicious email. And if you click that link, it will harm your computer and put malware into your device. So think twice when you click the link.


When you click any link i.e. URL to access any website, please be sure that it should have “https” in it. Because sometime when you click any they require you to install the plug in, but there is a possibility that it might contain virus or malware. These malware can steal your personal information.

Booting data from Unknown CD:

When you are playing any CD in your device, be careful to remove that CD, when your device in not working. As your device can reboot the CD and there is a possibility that it may contain malware into it.


One of the best measures you can take to avoid virus infection is to install Webroot antivirus in your device through It scans the entire data of your device and also gives security updates timely. So that you can protect your device with more security patches. It also protect from cyber threat.