Cybercrimes which User do for their Personal Use given By Webroot

Nowadays people are aware about the cybercrimes. But they do not know that they are also sometimes becomes cybercriminals, as they do not have the complete knowledge of the crimes of the web world. So, Webroot wants their user to be fully aware of the cybercrimes which they consider as a cool activity but they are crimes in the web world. To get more knowledge just install As this antivirus gives your device complete protection against all kind of cyber threat like malware, spyware, rootkits, and also from ransomware attack.

Cybercrimes done by User:

  1. Use of Someone Else Photos: Some people use the photos of the celebrity or sportsman’s on their Face book or Twitter account as their profile picture. This is the crime in the Web World. You cannot use anybody else photos for your personal use. User is considering this as Cool thing but this is a crime.
  2. Cannot Speak Harsh Words With Anybody: The people, who had a habit of chatting online, must have the knowledge that you cannot speak harsh words with anybody on chatting because other person can register the complaint against you. So, keep in mind that online conversation does not carry any emotions and it should not hurt anybody. Always use respectable words in communication.
  3. Paying Ransom: When hackers attack your device, take your data and demand for money. These things motivate the hacker to commit more crimes. In spite of paying, you should complaint about the hackers.
  4. Trolling: Trolling becomes popular these days, on social media. From text to cartoons, this is a fun for the individual or the group. Some people make fun of their fellows. So, trolling or cyber bullying is considered to be illegal.
  5. Non-Consensual Porn: Some people post someone’s sexual image on the internet without consent of that person is an offence. Some people post intimate image on the web of their girl friend or boy friend is an offence. So, always see before posting an image.

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