How to Access and Use Webroot User Interface?

Webroot antivirus is security software which is designed to give protection to your devices from cyber threat. You can easily install this security software through It scans the data stored in your device to improve its performance. This antivirus provides protection when you are away from your device or when you are offline. It regularly gives updates to fix the bug and patches in your device. In this blog, you will read how to access and use Webroot user Interface.

How to Access User Interface?

 Webroot Interface provides access to all the functions and settings. You can access through Main window and Menu bar.

Through Main Window:

In the main window, from the menu bar, you should click on the Webroot icon. Then from the drop-down menu, you should select open Webroot Secure Anywhere. If you want to see Mac’s overall protection status, then the interface changes its colors like Green color indicate that your Mac is secure, Blue color indicates that one or more risks need your attention and the Red color indicates that one or more critical items need your intervention.

Through Menu Bar:

In the menu bar, you should click on the Webroot Secure Anywhere menu. Now under Webroot Secure Anywhere, the menu items appear on your computer screen like About SecureAnywhere, Preferences, My Secure Anywhere Account, Check for Updates, and Hide Webroot Secure Anywhere. Now under Utilities, the menu items are System Control, Reports, Submit a File, and System Analyzer.

How to Use Webroot User Interface?

  1. On your computer system, you should double-click the Webroot icon. Or from the system tray menu, you should right-click on the Webroot icon, and then just select View Status. If you do not locate the system tray icon, then from the Windows Start menu, you should select All Programs and then choose Webroot Secure Anywhere and then go to Webroot Secure Anywhere.
  2. Here you will see the Overview panel. In this the options are as follows:

    Returning to main page –Through this option, you can easily return to the main page just by clicking on the SecureAnywhere logo, no matter wherever you are in the interface.

    Protected panel — It provides you the information about system scans and the status of your Webroot subscription. By clicking on the Scan My Computer button, you can manually scan your computer. In case, you want to change scan setting, just go to the Advanced setting and choose Scheduler option.

    Message window —It gives you the information about virus alerts and other information provided by Webroot.

    Secure Anywhere features —It gives links to SecureAnywhere features. If you want to expand the section, then you have to click the name.
  3. If you want to see the option then you should click on the gear icon.
  4. To get back to the main window, you should click on the Left arrow on the tab bar. You can also simply click on the SecureAnywhere logo. If you see the green circle with a checkmark means that your license has this feature. A plus sign on blue indicates that the feature is not installed.
  5. The options available on the main interface are Advanced Settings, PC Security, Identity Protections, Backup & Sync, Password Manager, Utilities, My Account and Support/Community.

Through this way you can access and use your Webroot User Interface. If you want any kind of assistance then you can call the expert of Webroot team. For more information, just visit to the site via