How You Can Fix The Error Code Webroot Removal Tool Not Working?

Webroot antivirus is the software which stops the unauthorized access to your device by hackers. This antivirus secures your device against internet threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also against phishing attack. You can install this software through It provides its user friendly interface and scans the whole data of your device. You can also access parental control feature by installing this antivirus. It is reliable and compatible to all the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computer, Laptops, and Android Phones.

 But sometimes user faces error like Webroot Removal Tool not working. This error occurs when you are using Webroot Removal Tool for uninstalling Webroot. In this blog, you will learn how to resolve error Webroot Removal Tool Not Working.

Methods to Fix Error Webroot Removal Tool Not Working:

  1. Run Webroot Removal Tool: For this, first you have to double-click the CleanWDF.exe utility to run it. Then you have to, click on the Clean button to start the cleanup process. This process will run very quickly. If theWebroot firewall drivers are detected, they will automatically be removed and then you will receive the dialog: “Webroot Desktop Firewall Removal Completed. After this, you should restart your computer system. For this, just click on Yes button to restart now. If you just see a dialog which reads “Webroot Desktop Firewall Removal Completed,” then you have to click on OK button, and then you have to click on Close option and then just go to the next solution.
  2. Run The Webroot Cleanup Utility: For this, first you have to download the file and then you have to double-click on the WRUpgradeTool.exe utility to run it, and then you have to follow the prompts to start for the uninstallation process. Here you will see the cleanup process is finished when you see the the last line in the window reads “Removal procedures have been completed.” Now you have to Click on Close button. At the end, it is recommended that you should restart your computer system.

These solutions will fix the error code, Webroot Removal Tool Not Working. But if you still find the error, then you can call the customer care executive anytime from anywhere of Webroot antivirus. For more details just visit to the site The customer care executive will help you all the time.

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