Things you must know about Mobile Security – Webroot

As today the life of every individual has become impossible without mobile or smart phones and internet is also the basic requirement in today’s life. But Mobile security is also very necessary, as you do all your work through Smart Phones and cyber threat is also increasing on a rapid pace. So, Webroot antivirus wants their user to know what features you get in Webroot antivirus for Mobile Security. You can install this antivirus through Before your smart phones get infected you should be aware of what kind of mobile threats are there and what kind of mobile security Webroot is providing to protect you from all kind of cyber threat.

What are the Mobile threats generally people face?

There are three kinds of Mobile threat which generally users face.

  1. Routers: Hackers gain access to your Routers so that they can access your smart phones and gain control of your device to spy on you and steal your all data, sensitive information and also control over your web activities.
  2. Downloader’s and Droppers: Hackers use tactics to trick you so that you install more malicious apps. When you install these malicious apps, they put malware and viruses into your device to capture your sensitive information. And the dropper’s shows full screen adds to you which are so annoying and these ads are linked to malicious sites which infect your mobile.
  3. Fake Apps: Hackers make these fake apps which look like real apps so that you download these apps which show you advertisements and they gain profits from them.

How Webroot helps you to protect your Mobile?

Webroot has some unique features which helps you in protecting your device.

  1. Anti-Theft: For the protection of your Mobile, you should activate the siren because if your phone gets stolen, remotely adjust setting and set custom screen messages.
  2. Call Blocker: Webroot antivirus gives you the option of Call blocker in which you can block the call, or send the call to voicemail any caller which you have stored in your phone or unknown number, hidden number.
  3. App Permission: Webroot antivirus gives the user an option app permission in which they can see which app can be installed on their device and also they can the information about that app.
  4. Wi-Fi Speed Test: Users can check the downloading speed of network and upload speed of their Wi-Fi network.
  5. Fast Scanning: gives you the feature of fast scanning which increases the speed and performance of your mobile.

In this blog, we discuss about the mobile threat and their Webroot protection features. But if you want to know more about mobile protection then you can contact to the customer care executive of webroot via You can also call on their toll free number any time.