Tips To Secure Your Data From Unsecured Apps in Computer

In this digital era, it is the responsibility of the user to keep their devices secure from malicious apps. Hence, Webroot team wants its user to protect their devices from unsecured apps and the user can install this security software through In this blog, you will read the tips for data security.

What is the Tips To Secure Your Data From Unsecured Apps in Computer?

1. Keep Apps Updated:

The most important thing through which you can secure your computer is to check that the application which you are using is of the latest version. You can easily check that installed apps are up to date. You can also set your device to automatically update apps, but sometimes you should grant permission to download an update. This is generally happens when your download is large or the app which you are downloading needs special permissions to access the parts of your device. You should install updates because outdated apps are more exposed to threat.

2. Install Apps from Official Sources:

It is suggested that you should download apps from the official sources. As official sources provides apps, malware and virus free. There are many third party apps available in the market but for security concerns you should download from official store and cyber security experts also warns the user against third party apps. And the apps from unofficial sources do not undergo through verification procedure, and there are chances that you will install malware in your device through these apps. For information about apps, you can check the reviews online before installing it. If there is any wrong review then it is advised that you should not download it.

3. Pay attention when granting permissions:

Normally, when user downloads an app, they accept all the permissions which the app demands but it is suggested that you should not accept all the permission because of security reasons. As the apps which you are downloading can gain access to your device’s camera, microphone, contact list and also other sensitive areas of your device. If you have by mistake grant the permission then you can go back and can also fix your mistakes and can change the privacy setting.

4. Keep Strong Password:

As many of the services, want you to log in before using them, so it is advised that you should keep strong passwords. As there are so many ways to create a strong passwords. For creating strong password, you can download and use trusted password management app. These tool helps to generate unique and strong password. Here, you can make use of a Webroot password manager. And also do not use the same password for every account you have, on the internet. Because if one account is compromised, the rest of the accounts will be safe. You should also regularly change your passwords. For additional security, you should make use of Two factor authentication. In which a code is send to your mobile, then you have to enter this passcode before you use your account.

5. Be careful when using public Wi-Fi:

It is advised that you should not install apps in your device when you are using public Wi-Fi because there is lot of security risk in installing apps. Because Wi-Fi network is open to everybody, and that is why there’s no secure way of using the service. If it is very necessary then you can use the public network by using VPN.

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