WhatsApp Vulnerability Can Be Protected With Webroot

Webroot.com/safe is well known antivirus which gives complete protection to your device and data. With the increased technology, cyber crimes are also increasing. Hackers continuously finding way to steal your sensitive data. Without taking protective measures, it becomes very dangerous to use Internet. So, Webroot antivirus is the only antivirus which assures you overall protection and you can install this through www.webroot.com/safe.

The people, who are using WhatsApp, should know about the WhatsApp vulnerability and what measures they took to protect themselves.  Though WhatsApp, hackers can eavesdrop on user’s activity; they can read their encrypted chats, turn on the microphone and camera, and can install spyware into their device. They can use your photos and videos and can also access your contact list. For this,   hackers just need to call the victim on WhatsApp.

According to Facebook which is the owner of WhatsApp, discovered some flaws in the messaging app WhatsApp. In this, the attacker can install spyware on your device by sending the malware during the call. But if the victim has not answer the call then also the malicious software can be installed in your device. When the attacker accesses your device the attacker they can delete the call log. Facebook-owned app always timely released an update for affected versions. This means that you should not avoid the update notification send by the company on your device. When you get the update notification immediately, update your device to safeguard your data against threat.

Whereas some precautionary measures were taken by the WhatsApp security team in the backend to block those attack. The best suggestion is to keep your WhatsApp up to date. For this, you just go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and just look for WhatsApp and then hit on Update option. But if there is no “Update” option available then you will see the “Open” option this means that you have the latest version of WhatsApp, and your device is protected against such attacks. To safeguard your device and data properly you should install Webroot through webroot.com/safe. As this antivirus completely scan your device against emerging threat and creates a wall between the hackers and threat. It also monitors and controls your network traffic.

For more information about the emerging threat, you should visit to the official website of Webroot antivirus via www.webroot.com/safe. And most important thing is that, this antivirus also provides great technical support to the user all the time and you can call on their toll free number, if you are facing any problem.