How You Can Delete Window 10 Temporary Files?

As you all know that temporary files take a lot of space in your device, and sometimes users faces issues while removing these files. Hence, in this article you will read the methods to remove temporary files in your computer. For scanning their device, the user can install Webroot antivirus via in their gadget.

Method To Delete Window 10 Temporary Files:

  1. Use Third-Party Solution: The user should use third-party application, in order to remove all the junk files from your system. If you cannot clean the temporary files manually, then you can use tool to remove junk files. After removing the temporary files, the user should use reliable antivirus that is Webroot antivirus via in order to scan your device for viruses.
  2. Delete Files Manually: You need to press Windows key + R together.  Then, you should type temp and then tap on OK. After this, you should press Ctrl + A together in order to select it and then hit on Delete option. Here, you need to tap on Windows key + R altogether. Now, in the run dialog box you should write %temp% and then tap on OK button. Here, you press Ctrl + A and then hit on Delete. At this point, you should press Windows key + R. After this, you should type prefetch and then tap on OK button. Lastly, you should Select all and then tap on Delete option.
  3. Use Disk Cleanup tool: You should press Windows Key + S together and then enter disk. After this, you should select Disk Cleanup from the menu. Now, you should check that your System drive, which is by default C is selected and then tap on OK button. At this point, you should wait for sometimes so that your computer scans the C drive. Here, you need to select the files which you wish to remove and then hit on OK. But if you want, then the user should hit on Clean system files button just to remove additional files.
  4. Use Command Prompt: First, you have to press Windows Key + X together in order to open Win + X menu. Then, you need to select Command Prompt (Admin) or PowerShell (Admin) from the list. If the Command Prompt opens, then you should enter
    del /q/f/s %TEMP%*
    and then tap on Enter key in order to run this command. When the command is executed, then you will see all your temporary files will be deleted.
  5. Install Latest Updates: First of all, you should open the Settings app just by pressing Windows Key + I together. If Settings app opens, then you should visit to Update & Security section. At last, you should tap on Check for updates button.
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  6. Remove Temporary Files from Safe Mode: You should open the Start Menu. Then, you have to tap on the Power button and then press and hold the Shift key. After this, you should select Restart from the menu. Now, you should select Troubleshoot and then tap on Advanced options. Here, you need to click on Startup Settings and then tap on Restart button. When your PC restarts, then you will view a list of options. Lastly, you need to select any version of Safe Mode just by pressing the key.

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