How Webroot Helps to Fix Green Screen of Death in Window 10/11?

Sometimes, the Green Screen of Death error occurs in Window 10/11 due to the previously installed antivirus software. The user can fix this issue by removing the previous antivirus and installing Webroot antivirus via as this software keeps your computer safe from all issues. In this blog, you will read the method to fix Green screen of Death in Window 10/11.

Method To Fix Green Screen of Death in Window 10/11:

1. Use a Restoration Tool:

To fix Green Screen of Death issue in the PC, the user should install a third-party restoration tool. This tool will scan your computer for problematic or missing files and also restore or replace them by itself in order to keep it healthy.

You can use Restoro tool which has the latest features of functional system files for Windows 10 PCs. With this tool, you can replace any elements which lead to BSoD error. The user can create a restore point before they start the repairs and can also restore the previous version of their system.

2. Update the Drivers:

To update drivers, you should right-hit on the Start button. After this, you have to choose Device Manager. Then, just check the drivers for a yellow exclamation mark/ question mark/ down-arrow mark/ error notification. In case, you find the driver which has yellow exclamation mark on it, then double-hit on it. Now, you should open Properties. After this, under Drivers tab you should select Update Driver. At this point, just Restart the PC.

But if you cannot access Windows because of GSOD error, then enter Safe Mode:

For this, the user should Restart the computer during the boot in order to start Automatic Repair. Now, you should select Troubleshoot option and then visit to Advanced options. Here, you need to choose System Startup and then hit on Restart option. When you are restarting the device, then choose Safe Mode with Networking.

If you want to keep the computer and hardware components safe, then you should install the latest drivers.

3. Repair Windows:

For repairing, you should press Windows Key + I altogether to open the Settings app. After this, visit to Update & Security. Then, visit to Recovery, and then hit on Reset this PC. At last, you should choose the Get started option and then follow the instructions given on the screen.

4. Install Webroot Antivirus:

If the user is using the third-party antivirus tool, then just remove it from the device. You should also use the removal tools so that all the files and folders linked with the program have been removed. Because, sometimes the antivirus can lead to Green Screen of Death errors. You can remove the antivirus software from your PC by using an uninstaller program as it removes the leftover files from your PC.

After uninstalling the previous antivirus, you should install Webroot antivirus via as it do not interfere in other programs of the PC and safe your device from malware.

5. Disconnect All Peripherals:

The peripherals which are connected to your PC, sometimes trigger GSOD errors. So, you should unplug all peripherals and then restart your Computer. You should ensure you unplug all of them.

Peripherals are the things which do not come with your device like USB sticks, wireless adapters, or charging cables etc. Just unplug them one by one. Sometimes, this simple method solves the issue.

If the users require help in installing Webroot antivirus software, just go to