What is the Method to Fix Window 10 Getting Stuck On Welcome Screen?

If your system gets stuck on welcome screen, then you should immediately scan your device with Webroot antivirus. The user can install this software via www.webroot.com/secure. In this blog, you will read the other solution to fix Window 10 getting stuck on Welcome screen.

Method to Fix Window 10 Getting Stuck On Welcome Screen:

1. Disconnect from Internet:

Sometimes, Windows 10 gets stuck on the login screen when it is connecting to your wireless connection.

If the user wants to resolve this issue, then they should temporarily disable the Wi-Fi connection and then check if the issue is fixed. In case, the user is not a network administrator, then they should unplug the Wi-Fi dongle and then check if the issue is fixed.

But if you do not use a Wi-Fi connection, then you should disconnect your Ethernet cable and then check the issue. The user can also disable the Wi-Fi and then connect the computer system directly to a router, this will also fix the problem.

2. Check your Hardware:

This issue occurs because of the faulty hardware like faulty internal SD card. If you want to fix it, then you should disconnect the device which has issue from the motherboard. For this, you should open your computer case, and properly remove the hardware. But if your computer is under warranty then you should use different solution to fix the issue.

3. Disconnect USB devices:

Users use USB devices like keyboards, mouse, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi adapters. Some users complaint that their Computer was stuck on the Welcome screen because of their USB keyboard and mouse. In order to fix the problem, the user should disconnect all USB devices like keyboard and mouse and then boot without them. Disconnecting all USB devices, sometimes fixes the issue.

4. Disable Credential Manager:

For this, user should enter Safe Mode and then press Windows Key + R altogether and then enter services.msc. And then press Enter or OK key. Now in the Services window, you should find Credential Manager service on the list and then double tap on it just to open its properties. If the Properties window opens up on your screen, then just set the Startup type to Disabled and then tap on Apply and OK button to save the changes. At the end, the user should Restart your computer system.

5. Disable Fast Startup Feature:

To disable this feature, you should press Windows Key + S together and then enter control panel. From the list of option, you should choose Control Panel. If Control Panel opens up on your screen, then choose Power Options. Here from the left menu, you should select Choose what the power button does. Now, you should tap on Change settings which are currently unavailable. At this point, you should uncheck the option of Turn on fast startup and then tap on Save changes. When you disable Fast Startup feature, then your computer will start a bit slower but the issue should be fixed.

With this method, the user can fix Window 10 Getting Stuck on Welcome Screen. For help, you can visit to webroot.com/secure.

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