June 21, 2021

What is Webroot Wi-Fi Privacy and how it helps?

Webroot WiFi Privacy is the popular Webroot products and can install through www.webroot.com/safe. Through this, you can easily secure Web Browsing History of your device. In this blog, you will read about Webroot Wi-Fi privacy.

Characteristics of Webroot WiFi Privacy:

  1. Bank Grade Encryption – It helps to keep your bank data protected. And this type of encryption supports the user browser without any problem.
  2. Anonymous Browsing – And the Webroot VPN secures your identity from hackers by hiding your IP address.
  3. Block Tracking Ads – There are some advertisement which pops up on your screen which are related to your search and show you the similar content. These ads can creep the user, so Webroot Wi-Fi Privacy secures user by blocking the Ads.
  4. Access Web Page Faster – Sometimes, content on the web is not available because of the geographical location, but with Webroot VPN you can access the global network .

How Virtual Private Network helps?

Sometimes when the user is using the net, they don’t want their data and identity to be visible to everyone. So, the characteristic of the VPN (Virtual Private Network) are the user can receive and send the data on the public network without being tracked by anyone. If incase, the Internet is the Private Network, then also you can be able to access the data on the net. In order to make the network Private, the Webroot Wi-Fi Privacy use the IP addresses technique which changes after 10 minutes. It does not follow the direct path, the VPN follows the unique path. You can use the Webroot Wi-Fi Privacy to Secure Web Browsing History and it helps to keep the identity and data private.

For more details about Webroot Wi-Fi privacy, go to the site of Webroot via webroot.com/safe.